Sunday Lunch


I absolutely love to cook. I like things that are new and different, because I hate feeling like I cook the same stuff all the time. Today I got VERY ambitions as I was trying to come up with a menu for a dinner party that I plan to host in the near future. Some things worked, some TOTALLY did not, but over all it was really delicious.

Arugula, Pear and Goat Cheese Salad with a homemade Orange-Pomegranate Vinaigrette 


You can find a similar recipe here.

Beer with an orange slice


Hamburgers topped with Arugula, Provolone Cheese and an Orange-Garlic Aioli [on a freshly made and toasted bun] Here is where I kinda messed up. I did not have the egg yolks the aioli recipe called for, so I used Greek yogurt instead. I also used too much orange juice. Rather than the aioli being thick, it was very thin and immediately separated on the burgers. Even though it didn't look very pretty, it was DELICIOUS.


You can find a similar aioli recipe here.

Sweet Potato, Diced Prosciutto, and Gruyere Gratin I am so bad about not following a recipe. I ended up eyeballing everything in this dish, and put a good bit too much half & half. It was pretty juicy, but it is a really yummy dish. The flavors of the sweet potato, the prosciutto, and the Gruyere work so well together. Yum.


You can find a similar recipe here.

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