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how i've made a rental house feel like a home


Jared and I moved from Savannah, Georgia to Oregon the last week of July, and moved into our rental home the first day of September. Our house is a 1926 craftsman, that we believe used to be an old farm house (it's about 30 years older than any other houses on our block, has a lot of fruit trees in the back yard, and would have been on the edge of Eugene). It has original windows and window latches, original doors and door knobs, and original floors - which, in true rental fashion, are covered up by ugly carpet. At some point, the home was turned into a rental, and the upstairs turned into a studio apartment (with the original claw foot tub that they stole from downstairs)- Jared and I live downstairs. It's very cozy, but has so much character.

I've spent most of my life collecting furniture (thank you, Mom!), so I had a good many pieces already, but found the coolest farm table made in the late 1800s at an antique store in Oregon. I'm using an antique vanity (with the mirror removed) that I got for my 14th Birthday as the table by the front door, my great-grandmother's kitchen table with antique chairs that my mom used for years, a mid-century sofa that we recently had recovered, a bookshelf that was left in our last home, an antique bed that was given to me by my grandparents for my 8th Birthday, and several other thrift-store finds that I've been accumulating for the last few years. Virtually everything I bought new was destroyed in the move - all of the antiques survived - so I guess the quality of the antiques speaks for itself.

I've had to be pretty creative with the decorating, because I want to do the least amount of repair work possible when we prepare to move (whenever that may be). Basically, I haven't hung many frames, nor painted the walls anything other than white. I feel like the house is a good bit more cluttered than I like, but I also thought there needed to be more visual interest on the horizontal surfaces (bookshelf, dresser, desk, countertops) because I can't do much to the vertical surfaces (walls). It's been a challenge, but I was excited to see if I could help this home's character speak for itself.

I'm sure I'll change my mind 1573 more times before I'm happy with how everything looks, but it's a good start. Now, to see if it's livable!





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